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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an organizer?
Many people donít have the time for all they need or want to do. Hiring an organizer is like having an extra pair of hands to not only help get the work done but also bring a fresh perspective to your life based on solid experience and knowledge.

What sort of clients do you work with?
People who are generally disorganized. People who know what they want but need help implementing a plan. People who are overwhelmed, in crisis, or moving through a transition. My youngest client is 9 years old; the oldest is 93.

How does the process work?
During our initial phone consultation we identify what issues you want to work on and set up a time to meet. We then work in blocks of time, usually 3-4 hours, to systematically solve these issues.

Do I need to clean up before you come?
Please donít! I need to see how you live in order to help you. Please know that I am supportive and non-judgmental and consider a sense of humor very important for keeping balance in oneís life.

Do I need to buy anything before you come?
Please donít! People usually have many more containers than they need.

How long will it take?
Some projects require only a few sessions; others take much longer. Some clients have a standing appointment each month to tackle a small issue and others reserve a more concentrated block of time to get a single project done. I work closely with you to stay within your budget and time constraints.

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How involved are you in getting the work done?
Some clients need a Do-it-Yourself plan to work on at their own pace. Others want homework to complete between our sessions together. Still others donít even think about it until I am on their doorstep ready to dive in.

How are you paid?
I charge by the hour and payment is due at the end of each session.

Is there a cancellation policy?
Sessions cancelled without 24 hours notice are charged at the full rate.

Why would I hire a NAPO organizer vs a non-NAPO organizer?
The National Association of Professional Organizers has been recognized as the organizing authority for 20 years. NAPO offers ongoing education and professional development for its members. NAPO also has a Code of Ethics by which members are expected to abide.

Is what you do the same as what I have seen on TV?
The process is basically the same and many of the organizers on TV are members of NAPO. However, in real life, the organizing takes longer to accomplish. 20 minutes on TV represents 200 hours of actual organizing.

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