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“Once Jemi helped me clean up my room, it was much easier to keep it that way. She has helped me organize all my stuff like Legos, books, and toys. Jemi is nice and gives good hugs when the work is done.”
Arthur M., 9 yrs old

“In a rare and useful combination of clarity, patience and determination, Jemison Faust helps people who are overwhelmed by household clutter organize their possessions and simplify their lives. Faust has plenty of anecdotes about her organizing experiences, tips for those of us with our own growing piles of clutter, and wry yet tender observations on human nature.”
Jerry O’Brien, Providence Journal

“Jemison brings to her work an unusual confluence of gifts. She is quick to assess the problem, efficient and orderly in searching for a solution, and brings to her work both a wonderful sense of humor and the empathic vision of a psychologist.”
S.L., Artist

“Your Choice combines strategy and execution with a sense of humor. Jemi is a veteran of problem solving in the organization business. She helps me transform a tangled mess into a well-oiled machine.”
Jane Carey, Graphic Designer, Newport, RI

“Once again you have brought reassuring order to my swirling disarray of dreams, hopes, treasured possessions and no longer useful, yet seemingly valuable "stuff!" You have met me at my level and skillfully and sensitively clarified my needs. You have armed me with a newly pruned and prioritized list of tasks and once again I feel purposeful and hopeful. Your painter's eye is always focused for my benefit and wisely adapts conventional order to suit my unique needs and habits. Jemi, thank you again for rescuing this disorderly soul!”
Gay Ben Tre, acupuncturist

“I think of myself as a highly organized person . . . but I have these deep pockets of, ahem, stuff. Jemi has helped me to open those pockets to the light of day, and assess, organize and store the contents. At the end of the day I emerge lighter, more sane, and proud of myself!”
Constance Metcalf, CM Design, Newport, RI

“I am an independent scholar and editor with extensive transcriptions of documents and notes. Without the invaluable help of Jemison Faust in organizing these materials I could not have achieved the level of order and ease of access I now have. What made this process much easier for me was Jemi’s never-ending good humor and patience.”
Chris Lutz, Cambridge, MA

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“Jemi and I have a lot of fun creating order from chaos, a useful environment from what was once so much stuff it was useless to anyone. I especially like our victorious carloads to be carted away like a slayed dragon – be it to the dump, the Salvation Army, a women’s shelter, or a new home where the object will find new purpose. What is left behind is renewed mental and physical freedom, and a sense of accomplishment, where before it was an unhealthy and impossible mess.”
S. W., Bristol, R.I.

“It’s like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I look at the space that Jemi has helped me organize.”
A.R., Rhode Island physician

“Every so often I look around me and become immobilized by the sheer complexity of my life as represented by mounds of extraneous paper and things of which I know not what to do. That's' when I call Jemi. Time after time she has brought peace to my mind by suggesting things I never would have thought of. This is an amazing service which she provides and worth every penny and more.”
Julie Smith, artist

Jemison Faust is an organizer unlike any other because she is so much more than an organizer. I am a lifelong academic surrounded by books, papers, drafts, publications, files, clippings, records, notes, videotapes, photos and unique memorabilia. She does not bully me with decrees like “When in doubt, throw it out.” Instead she explores how I live, what I need, what is important for the past, present and future, what is hindering me, what will enable me to proceed with my life. When she says “Your Choice”, she really means it, and for me this represents salvation.”
Paula A Treichler, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois

“Jemi lent me two helping hands. We achieved all that I had hoped, cleaning out old files, archiving important papers and generally cleaning out the cobwebs of my life’s paperwork. Too much clutter had accumulated in my den and in my life. I am very grateful for her tolerance and ideas for finally getting better organized.”
Lauren Carson, Portsmouth, RI